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Posted by Ton - July 21, 2009 - 8:51 AM
I should have waited an extra day with the last update because I did this time and got well over 9000-- er 100 sheets. Everyone has done a great job this week. The coolest submissions to me is Techokami's rips of all the Zones from the Sonic Advance and Rush series. They're all in zip files, so be ready for lots of images.
Some of you keener sprite fans may have noticed one of the new features we have. When you click a sheet, the submitter is listed under it. You can click that spriter's name to see all of their submissions. You can also visit this link: to see, well, the stats. Protip: when you've clicked a name you can change it in the address bar to check out other peoples' work. Try it out! There's also new arrows for scrolling through sheets allowing for easy browsing. And that's not all we have in store!
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