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Posted by Petie - February 17, 2024 - 5:05 PM
Hello everyone! I’m about to head out so I need to make this quick but I’m here once again to bring you this week’s new submissions! This time around, we have over 600 so let’s get to them. First, syphersephir brings us a ton of Mobile Final Fantasy content! Next, sanityormadness is responsible for all of the N64 this week, spread across a bunch of games. And finally for this quick update, the PC / Computer section has a lot of large groups and comprises nearly half of this entire update on its own with submission from Perdition's Gate Enjoyer, ShatteredReality, and our very own Random Talking Bush among a few others!

Of course, I can’t leave without shouting out our custom submitters so a special thank you to Agente_2019, blueberrymuffin, christopherparaujo89, Diamond-Lock Productions, Dinoshi 64, DreamsOfAnomaly, hansungkee, Jesse_JAT, Johansen1116, TrixerTeal, X-treme Squargon, Ya Block, and YorkieYT for this week’s customs!

As always, there’s way more to see than I had time to list so check it all out, have a great weekend, and we’ll see you next week!
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