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Posted by Ton - October 9, 2021 - 9:41 AM
Hey everyone!
Along with a new slew of sprites, this is your warning to start looking for a Halloween costume!

This week we have all kinds of neat things, including Ben 10 Alien Force by Eeveeloverthespriter8, Bomberman by SteamyJ, more Fire Emblem by FalconPunch, a bunch of TMNT by Про Игрок, Final Fantasy remasters by Spindaboy, Melty Blood by Sato1999, a bit of Kontent from Stay Retro, Joe and Mac from Mica and Kirby by h2643!

On the custom side, we have a few things too. Phexonia's Rex is adorable, yossho has expanded Allen Jr, TheEric132 has updated Mario, and newcomer MtFujiInMyPants has some REALLY impressive FF5 work.

Thank everyone!

Tell me in the comments what you plan to be for Halloween. See you all soon!
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