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Posted by Petie - February 10, 2018 - 7:30 PM
Hey everyone! I'm back for another Saturday update, this time in the midst of some serious snow! It's wonderful to look at from the inside but will be slightly less wonderful when I have to head out soon...

Anyway, on to the update. We have well over 200 new sheets to enjoy today including, in no particular order, Don't Starve and Overwatch on the PC, Street Fighter on the Amstrad CPC, Mercenary Kings (also on the PC but I wanted to give it a special mention as I really enjoyed that game), and of course, a ton more from THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls (how is there so much content in this game?!) among lots more. So check it all out, enjoy the update, and have a great weekend!
Sheets in this update: 231(Max 50 sheets per console on home page. Click here to see all.)
Amstrad CPC Sheets: 14
Arcade Sheets: 10
Commodore 64 Sheets: 1
Custom / Edited Sheets: 2
Game Boy / GBC Sheets: 1
Game Boy Advance Sheets: 13
Genesis / 32X / SCD Sheets: 5
Mobile Sheets: 92 (50 shown)
MSX / MSX2 Sheets: 1
Neo Geo / NGCD Sheets: 9
NES Sheets: 12
Nintendo Switch Sheets: 1
PC / Computer Sheets: 61 (50 shown)
PlayStation 2 Sheets: 1
PlayStation 3 Sheets: 4
Supervision Sheets: 4

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