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Frequently Asked Questions

• What is this website?
We have a very handy and simple about page with that information. Check it out!

• How do I use the sprites/models/textures/sounds on this site?
There's a lot of way in which the content on this site can be used. First, you have to decide what you want to use the sprites for - are you making a comic? Are you working on a poster of some sort? Or are you making a game?

If you're interested in these things, the best option is generally to search on Google for a tutorial on the subject specifically.
If you want to learn to sprite, then the first thing you should do is get to grips with the basics of a digital image application. For most spriters, the built in Paint application from Windows XP is great. It's simple, and does exactly what you need.

• Can I use the sprites/models/textures/sounds on this site in my own projects?
That depends. Is your project commercial in any way (as in, do you stand to make money from it by selling it, advertising in or around it, including in-app purchases in games, or in any other way)? If so, then no, you can't. These resources are all copyrighted works and as such, cannot be used in any commercial project without express written consent from their copyright holders. We do not own and cannot license any of them to you.

That said, if your project is 100% free (e.g. a free fan-game or non-monetized YouTube video - basically any project that was made just for the sake of making it and will not be used in any way to make you money), use away! This is one of the primary reasons we collected all of these resources and we'd love to see what you do with them!

As a special side note, we'd also caution against using anything from these sites in games published to any established market place (like Apple's App Store or Google Play), even if they're completely free and contain no ads or in-app purchases. Because it's a formal publication at that point, it's still likely not allowed.

• I'm the copyright holder for some of the content you have on your site and would like it removed. Who should I get in touch with?
While we would love to see all of the content we host remain online and accessible, we fully respect the rights and wishes of the content creators and owners. If you are the owner of a piece of content on any of our sites and would like it taken down for any reason, please just email us using the contact form. You'll be asked to verify you are who you say you are and then the content will be removed, no further questions asked. Formal DMCA takedown notices are not necessary - a quick email is all that's required.

• How do I rip my own sprites?
That depends on how you want to go about ripping. Of course the first thing you need to do is pick a game. After that, you can check if we have a tutorial written for that console specifically, and if we don't, you can look into using a screen capturing style technique to rip your game.

• You don't have X sheet, can you rip X sheet?
We generally don't take requests, not because we don't want to help you out, but because we already have a lot on our plate as it is.
However, if you want to make a request, you must first be a part of the community - join in on the forums and make 50 legitimate posts, and then you'll have access to the requests forum.
More often than not, your request won't be picked up. I'm afraid that's just the way it is...

• Who are you guys?
This website is run by many people - it's a community driven website, and we don't by any means feel we should take any more credit than those who have ripped the content on the site.

• How long have these sites been around?
Spriters resource was founded in June 2003. Models Resource, Textures Resource, Sounds Resource, and the VG Resource were all founded in June 2010. Originally, the community forum was hosted under the Spriters Resource but in June 2013, we converted the VG Resource to be the central forum for the rest of the network.

• Can I become a member of staff?
We already have more than enough updaters on the website, and we tend to pick regular users of our forums to become mods. They know how the place works, and we know them quite well. So really, if you want to become staff, the best way is to just be a good member. If you're the right guy for the job, we should notice and pick you up on it if we need any help.
If you constantly ask us, we probably won't pick you. Because it's irritating.

• I want to start my own sprite archive, can I take some of your sheets?
Site archiving is basically going onto tSR, downloading a sheet, and then sticking it onto your website without asking the sheet maker's permission. This is most likely one of the most crucial rules we have, in that we are entrusted to have these sheets, and you are not. As such, you do not have permission from the sheet maker to host the file on your website. If you do want to put a sprite sheet onto your website, feel free to contact the sheet maker and ask them for permission - We suggest that it's the least you do if you plan to put their content on to your website.

• I want to show my friends some of these sheets! I want to post the images on a forum!
Another thing that we are not too keen on is if you directly link to our images - On a forum or message board, that's all well and fine, but if you make a sprites section on your site and you want to link to a certain sprite, be sure to link to the page that the sheet is on rather than the image directly. The reason for this is simply that linking directly to the image will use up our bandwidth needlessly, and give us no benefit at all. It's pretty much using our resources, which we pay for, and taking them for your own. And that's not very nice, now is it?

If you want to link to our entire website, feel free! Link to the front page!

• Can I receive updates when new content is added to an individual game?
Yes! You can subscribe to the RSS feed for uploads to a single game and get direct notification when new content is added. To get the feed URL for any game, simply go to its page and click on the orange RSS icon in the table at the top. You can also subscribe to the global upload feed which will notify you whenever any new content is added to the site using this link.

• Can I receive updates when comments are made on my own (or someone else's) content?
As with games, you can also subscribe to an RSS feed for comments. The main use of this feed will be to subscribe to your own name so you can see when others comment on your submissions but you can subscribe to anyone you'd like as well. To get the feed URL for an individual submitter, simply go to their submitter profile and click on the orange RSS icon in the table at the top. You can also subscribe to a feed of all comments posted to the sheets, models, textures, or sounds on the site (these feeds don't include comments posted on updates or games) by using this link.

• What about Nintendo, Sega, Capcom, Square and Other Companies... Do they know about this site?
The sprites on this website are all related to the original company that they originate from. Their character design or original drawings are the rightful property of said companies, and as such, we claim no rights over them. We have nothing to do with their original creation (In most cases, at least) and claim no credit for how they came into original existence.
Although we compile ripped sprites into sheets, and obtain them from games, we do not have any rights over the images.

Custom sprites, although drawn by us, use designs created by the original company, and so we do not claim any creation to the character design. We are however, the original artists of the specific sheets, and have rights over such art.

Although we have not obtained permission from these companies to host their sprites on this website, we do anyway, in the hopes that these companies understand that our intention is not to steal their works, but to appreciate their work, and to distribute it as a fan service to help others research and use as they please.

We have received very few requests by publishers / rights holders to have content removed and at least one was due to the game having not been released yet. It was then later put up again. Several companies know of our existence, and have been in contact with us for other purposes. We have no knowledge of their taking to the content of this site.

• What is the registration token?
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