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Posted by Ton - May 14, 2022 - 7:04 AM
Hi everyone!

Yesterday was my 37th birthday, and I spent most of it making "Clerks" references.
(37? In a row?!)

It's crazy that I've now been working on TSR for about half of my life. Wow! Thanks to all of you for making it a wild ride and giving me some awesome stuff to look forward to every week.

Today's update includes, as usual, some really awesome work. Alxala submitted all kinds of title screens and intros we'd probably never see here otherwise, kanji_talk has some Game Boy goodness, Devy does a deep dive into some Genesis hacks, Sinaria5080 brings loads of Love Nikki, Kanbei is ripping Switch games through some kind of wizardry, MistPrism found one weird fighting game, Yawackhary is backhary with new SNES racing game assets (and a particular detective), TeridaxXD001 has a WHOLE MESS of Wii U graphics, and some guy you might have heard of (Tonberry2k) is playing Shining Force again.

On the Custom side of things, RaguRando, Jon Gandee, and even our own MisterMike have great stuff in addition to all the customs and rips I didn't list here. Please check them all out!

And try not to rip any sprites on the way through the parking lot!
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