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Sheets Submitted 12
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Biggest Contributions
Part Time UFO
Part Time UFO

(9 sheets)
Metal Slug Attack
Metal Slug Attack

(1 sheet)
Metal Slug Defense
Metal Slug Defense

(1 sheet)
Most Popular Sheets
1 Metal Slug Attack Naomi 5,356 hits
2 Metal Slug Defense Ralf Jones 3,708 hits
3 Part Time UFO Dinosaur Skeleton 1,497 hits
4 Part Time UFO Genie Shopkeeper 1,395 hits
5 Part Time UFO Thief 1,136 hits
6 Universal Metal Slug: Fierce Battle Ralf Jones 1,097 hits
7 Part Time UFO Stage Titles 971 hits
8 Part Time UFO Octopus Pirate 963 hits
9 Part Time UFO Museum Assistant 882 hits
10 Part Time UFO Sumo Coach 798 hits
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