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Sheets Submitted 99
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Largest Console (by Games) NES (26 games)
Largest Console (by Sheets) NES (47 sheets)
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Most Popular Sheets
1 Super Mario Bros. 3 Cutscene Backgrounds 59,696 hits
2 Super Mario World Reznor 53,134 hits
3 Super Mario World Iggy's & Larry's Castle - Boss Room 40,699 hits
4 Super Mario Bros. 3 Goal Roulette 38,608 hits
5 Mario Paint Colors, Patterns, Stamps and Fonts 35,860 hits
6 Super Mario All-Stars: Super Mario Bros. & The Lost Levels Game Over & Time Up Screens 34,527 hits
7 Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Chocolate Mountains 31,573 hits
8 Super Mario Bros. 3 Game Over Overworld Menu 27,317 hits
9 Super Metroid Crateria Purple Temple Background Set 26,028 hits
10 Metroid NES and FDS Menus 25,830 hits
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