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Sheets Submitted 35
Games Submitted To 1
Largest Console (by Games) Genesis / 32X / SCD (1 game)
Largest Console (by Sheets) Genesis / 32X / SCD (35 sheets)
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Biggest Contribution
Kid Chameleon
Kid Chameleon

(35 sheets)
Most Popular Sheets
1 Kid Chameleon Level Titles 11,129 hits
2 Kid Chameleon Fireball 7,950 hits
3 Kid Chameleon Theme Based Objects 6,901 hits
4 Kid Chameleon Bosses 5,183 hits
5 Kid Chameleon Fire Demon 4,854 hits
6 Kid Chameleon Tar Monster 4,775 hits
7 Kid Chameleon Crystal 4,297 hits
8 Kid Chameleon Lion 4,067 hits
9 Kid Chameleon Robot 4,055 hits
10 Kid Chameleon Dragon 3,991 hits
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