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Posted by Ton - August 13, 2022 - 6:55 AM
Hi there everyone!
August (and the massive heat wave) is in full swing! I hope your summer is going well. Over here, we've got a buncha new stuff for you to check out!

First up we've got our friend Yawackhary with a BUNCH of Amstrad sheets. I think he's looking to match his Sega Genesis/Megadrive count! We also have Mister Man with some fun Shin-chan stuff, KUSANAGI with a staggering amount of Street Fighter and Marvel sheets, DragonsHidden has some new rips I assume they found in a Lair of some kind, Th3W0r53 is really killing it with Eternal Champions, MCTravisYT is making some amazing progress in Knuckles Chaotix, Jon Gandee is here with some more odds and ends rips, SEAMUS did a really impressive Wonder Project rip, there's more Final Fantasy from Gravrain, Barack Obama has some great Super Metroid rips that I get the feeling is precursor to some amazing new sheets, and Mr. C has loads of other fun rips. Plus all the stuff I don't have room to talk about here!

On the Custom side of things, TarkanDragon has some really impressive MLP customs, AkumaTh and Dolphman bring us a couple of nice Robotniks, Askywalker has a very cool Crowber (plus an Antoine sheet that some weirdo made).

Enjoy, and I'll see you all next time!
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