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Earth Elemental
Category Custom / Edited
Enemies & Bosses
Submitter SmithyGCN
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Earth Elemental
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Nov 13, 2020, 7:53 PM
The Earth Elemental's giant form would have showed up as a boss in Castle Ironspire's Earth Corridor section in my old fan game. In this version, he has a few new tricks in addition to his old spit fire technique from his game. As you can see, he is formed over a cave wall (which I forgot to add the door you were meant to go through after he is defeated) which would be uncovered after the fight. There are the pieces of his face which move around accordingly to simulate facial expressions and other stuff. He was originally going to have a chin (which is still on the sheet) but it looked funny and detracted from the creepy look I was going for. You have his face pieces (which you should consult the example on the sheet in case you get confused as to how they're placed generally), a black block to fill in any areas between his pieces so as not to break the illusion of him being there, then his aforementioned chin, Stalactites that fall when he causes an earthquake, Eye Lazer, Lazer Trail, and a giant sword he causes to randomly fall from the sky.
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