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I can't let you brew that, Starbucks! (It'll make sense when you see the Beta rips)Comments (0)
Posted by Ton - November 16, 2009 - 6:51 AM
<a href="">Ton</a>
I love the weekends. You guys churn out more stuff on weekends than during the week. But the problem is that I can't update on weekends, so I have to make a mental note of what I have to save when I get home. Anyway...
We've got some great sheets from Super Blinky, Josh, Super Missile, Belial, Ecut, GTK, KenshinHimura, and newcomer Mattress87. Of special note is Salanewt's Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga Beta Characters. You heard the rumors, and he's found them i nthe game. Awesome job.
We have the usual great submitters whose names you should know by now as well; Tom Guycott, Magic Maker, Ryan 914, Gussprint, Yawackhary, and Ultimecia (whose Persona rips drove me nuts. Why are there two of them?! Curse you, Atlus!)
Great job this week, guys. See you all again soon!
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