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Kabi Island - Gold in Island
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Category Supervision
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Kabi Island - Gold in Island
Kabi Island - Gold in Island
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Jul 7, 2018, 8:03 AM
Well the Dreamcast has a lot more 3D titles so any rips here would be usually menus or HUDs (the rest are in the Models or Textures). There are some 2D games but even then many were ported to other systems such as the Gamecube, PC or were originally arcade titles. Something like the Supervision is pretty much every game is an exclusive or a ripoff of another game.

The Dreamcast is also harder to emulate especially Windows CE games such as Sega Rally 2 where there's only one emulator for that. So whatever rips are on here are either from the files themselves (like the Sonic fans know their way around Adventure) or hoping the emulator runs the game to rip them. While the Supervision is no different than the systems that were released at the time (the CPU is the same as the C64 and similar to the NES) so it is much easier to emulate. There's not many games either and not too far from having half of the library done.
Jul 7, 2018, 4:07 AM
I can't believe the Supervision got a section outside "Other Systems" before, say, the Dreamcast.
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