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Biggest Contributions
Kamen Rider Ryuki
Kamen Rider Ryuki

(3 sheets)
U & I Man III (Bootleg)
U & I Man III (Bootleg)

(2 sheets)
Shinseiki Ultraman Densetsu
Shinseiki Ultraman Densetsu

(1 sheet)
Most Popular Sheets
1 8 in 1 Supergame Multicart: Pocket World / Pka Chu (Bootleg) Enemies 4,774 hits
2 Teletubbies (Bootleg) General Sprites 3,932 hits
3 Digital Dragon (Bootleg) Digimon 3,206 hits
4 Rockman CX (Hack) Ultraman 3,164 hits
5 Kamen Rider Ryuki Character Portraits 2,777 hits
6 U & I Man III (Bootleg) U & I Man 2,268 hits
7 Kamen Rider Ryuki Character Clear Screen 2,198 hits
8 Kamen Rider Ryuki RyukiAdvent Cards 1,845 hits
9 U & I Man III (Bootleg) Title Screen 1,563 hits
10 Shinseiki Ultraman Densetsu Ultraman Rises 522 hits
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