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Sheets Submitted 122
Games Submitted To 39
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Biggest Contributions
Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy
Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy

(13 sheets)
Darkwing Duck
Darkwing Duck

(10 sheets)
Mario Customs
Mario Customs

(10 sheets)
Most Popular Sheets
1 Super Mario World Bowser 50,032 hits
2 Duck Hunt Ducks 30,925 hits
3 Mario Customs Bowser (Super Mario World-Style) 30,788 hits
4 Mario Customs Mario (Super Adventure Island-Style) 22,828 hits
5 Sonic the Hedgehog Customs Froggy & Flickies (Advance Style) 20,727 hits
6 Sonic the Hedgehog Customs Dr. Eggman (Battle Style) (Expanded) 17,426 hits
7 Sonic the Hedgehog Customs Nack / Fang (Sonic 3 Style) 16,003 hits
8 Sonic the Hedgehog Customs Tornado 2 (Advance) 13,906 hits
9 Aladdin Aladdin 13,022 hits
10 The Legend of Zelda Customs Zelda (Wind Waker) (Minish Cap Style) 12,649 hits
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