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Sheets Submitted 95
Games Submitted To 9
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(5 games)
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Biggest Contributions
Clock Tower for Windows 95
Clock Tower for Windows 95

(31 sheets)
Clock Tower: The First Fear
Clock Tower: The First Fear

(16 sheets)
Clock Tower for WonderSwan
Clock Tower for WonderSwan

(15 sheets)
Most Popular Sheets
1 Clock Tower (JPN) Specific Rooms 19,954 hits
2 Clock Tower (JPN) Cutscenes 15,177 hits
3 Clock Tower (JPN) Jennifer Simpson 14,474 hits
4 Clock Tower (JPN) Hallways 13,285 hits
5 Clock Tower (JPN) Bobby Barrows 12,226 hits
6 Clock Tower (JPN) Ms. Mary 11,788 hits
7 Clock Tower: The First Fear Cutscenes 11,659 hits
8 Clock Tower (JPN) The Cave 10,767 hits
9 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Konami) Shredder 9,508 hits
10 Clock Tower (JPN) Dan Barrows 8,865 hits
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