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Sheets Submitted 257
Games Submitted To 5
Largest Genre (by Games) Visual Novel (2 games)
Largest Genre (by Sheets) Music (147 sheets)
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Biggest Contributions

(50 sheets)
Most Popular Sheets
1 Pesterquest Dave Strider 66,471 hits
2 Pesterquest Karkat Vantas 63,350 hits
3 Pesterquest Eridan Ampora 61,305 hits
4 Pesterquest John Egbert 56,328 hits
5 Pesterquest Jade Harley 54,365 hits
6 Pesterquest Gamzee Makara 53,577 hits
7 Pesterquest Kanaya Maryam 49,675 hits
8 Pesterquest Nepeta Leijon 47,540 hits
9 Pesterquest Terezi Pyrope 47,099 hits
10 Pesterquest Rose Lalonde 46,521 hits
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