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Sheets Submitted 153
Games Submitted To 14
Largest Genre (by Games) Shoot 'em Up (5 games)
Largest Genre (by Sheets) Beat 'em Up (57 sheets)
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Biggest Contributions
The Peace Keepers
The Peace Keepers

(42 sheets)
King Arthur's World
King Arthur's World

(17 sheets)
Super R-Type
Super R-Type

(17 sheets)
Most Popular Sheets
1 Super R-Type Space 10,918 hits
2 Strike Gunner Cargo Ship and Dropship 9,253 hits
3 Super R-Type Force - Pit - Beam 8,385 hits
4 Super R-Type R-9C War-Head 7,684 hits
5 Sonic Blast Man Enemies (Level 2) 6,819 hits
6 The Peace Keepers Flynn - Dick 6,777 hits
7 Top Gear 3000 Vehicle 6,552 hits
8 Strike Gunner Enemy Deep Space Force 6,530 hits
9 Sonic Blast Man 2 Stage 1 6,525 hits
10 Sonic Blast Man Enemies (Level 1) 6,433 hits
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