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Posted by Ton - June 3, 2023 - 8:21 AM
Happy summer, everyone!

Hopefully you haven't all melted away to nothingness yet, because it's only gonna get hotter!
While you're inside staying cool, we have some brand new sprites for you to check out.
TeridaxXD001 returns with loads of banner and menu sprites. Zenksren has a boatload of fighting game fun, Yawackhary is digging deep into the past with Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum sprites, yamalpaca has some more Princess Peach, Jon Gandee has an invite for Bugs Bunny's birthday party, Alxala continues what I think is a really neat and underappreciated project, ripping Super Game Boy borders and rarely seen GBC error screens. darkbolt99 has some great Onimusha sprites that I would have sworn were Final Fantasy Tactics, raidlandguy has updated a lot of Sonic Advance sheets, Lord Louie is tackling NES hidden gem, Shatterhand, Redtarp ventures being Dead by Daylight, ShatteredReality has a whole lotta Evil Tonight, true has been busy with Star Ocean, Barack Obama is doing amazing work with Link to the Past, ppbit is also ripping some big fighting game sheets, and blueberrymuffin is killing it with more Wii sheets.

For Customs this week, we have great work from MarshadowSlime, 43rjk, Jon Gandee (again), TheCrushedJoyconTSR, and Izzi Rae among others. Please take a look!

See you all next time and stay cool out there!
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