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Soukyugurentai Oubushutsugeki
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Soukyugurentai Oubushutsugeki
Soukyugurentai Oubushutsugeki
Enemies and Bosses
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Dec 16, 2018, 1:25 PM
Huh. Didn't know that the bosses had different names in the English version(Terra Diver). Up until now, I've only known them by their Japanese names.

Gambiter: Kokubetsu
Perildawn: Shinsen
Descenter: Donryu
Victimizer: Akitaka
G-Omen (1st Phase): Kaihou
G-Omen (2nd Phase): Kaien (This name isn't listed in-game; I got it from the official Soukyugurentai website.)
Zodian: Bakuzan
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