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Posted by Ton - November 20, 2021 - 4:11 PM
Hey everyone! We're gearing up for Thanksgiving here in the US, which means sharing all kinds of pixelly goodness with all of you! Some of this week's standouts include, but are not limited to Timothy Grunclebottoms and his Robocalypse rips, DeltaMudkip's definitely-not-a-Megaman-ripoff submissions, Vanzuro Izuno Xin has brought us nearly all of the Snow Bros for NES, DogToon64 continues a streak of really high-quality rips from the newest Pokemon and Wario games, Spindaboy got his hands on the Final Fantasy 5 remaster, ONEABLAZE is deep into Hotline Miami 2, madhattervx is at war on several fronts, and AxeW1eld3r has some actually-Megaman rips. Amazing work all around!

On the Custom side, hansungkee has a few more Cartoon Network themed sheets that I would mistake for official sprites if I didn't know better, ElmerMouseFan34 has some classic Disney sprites, and even Sonic Boom gets a showing thanks to Dolphman among some other great custom work. Amazing, everyone!

Have a great holiday, everyone who celebrates, and we'll see you all soon!
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