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Mega Man
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Mega Man
Mega Man
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Jun 24, 2019, 2:31 PM
Capcom is an extremely nice company! They really appreaciate their fans. There are more good examples than just the Megaman DOS games, the Street Fighter X Megaman game. Here are two good examples:

Street Fighter 1, in one of its stages, has a gate with a graffiti of a guy, written "Bill Cravens" under it. Turns out that guy was a developer of the game, that had to leave Capcom during production, so they put that there in his homage.
Before the official Resident Evil 2 remake was announced, Capcom unfortunutely had to cancel a fan one that was being made at that exact time, but they weren't happy about having to do that at all. But, as an apology, Capcom actually flew in the developers of that fan-game to Japan to see the official remake they were making by themselves.
Feb 25, 2019, 8:07 PM
So is the Street Fighter X Mega Man game. Capcom can be surprisingly welcoming of fan games at times.
Feb 25, 2019, 6:28 PM
They are, in fact, fan games! These games were not at all develped by High-Tech Expressions, but in fact, but just one dude, Steven Rozner, and his fake company, Rozner Labs.

Steven was an employee at Capcom USA who, at the time of working there, had developed this fan-game of Megaman for the IBM PC, just as a hobbie. At the time of him leaving the company, Capcom was aware of this fangame of his, and since he was a nice guy, they allowed him to publish the game. No paper-work or anything! Capcom was that nice. And so, he gave High-Tech the game to be published.

A few years later, Steven had developed his own original game on top of the Megaman PC engine he had created. It was called Bioman. He wanted High-Tech to publish it too, but they said they'd only publish the game if it had the Megaman brand he had been provided with, and so, he set out to change the game and make it more like the first one. That's why Megaman can swim in Megaman 3 DOS! The only help he had ever gotten while making these games was with an artist (Presumably provided by High-Tech) who made the new graphics for Megaman 3, and while they don't very well match the art-style, they're alright.

So, yeah! You're right! These literally were fan-games with Capcom license!
Jan 21, 2018, 2:12 PM
This game was made by High Tech Expressions. High Tech Expressions was originally a company called Thoughtware. They originally made software to basically teach business shit. They made a Christmas card program as a thank you for something (employees? clients?). The Christmas card program proved so popular that the next year they started selling them. Thoughtware formed a division called High Tech Expressions. That business proved so popular that they retired the Thoughtware name and High Tech Expressions became the main company. High Tech Expression would go on to make games, two of which were Mega Man and Mega Man 3 for MS-DOS. The CGA looks like shit (which was to be expected at the time), and EGA looks standard at best. The Mega Man games for MS-DOS (not including Mega Man X or anything Capcom actually ported) are basically bad fan games, that somehow got official licenses and stole the names of the NES games. You can't defend yourself most of the time, due to enemies being too small, or too high up. If I recall correctly, the reason why it skipped Mega Man 2 was because the NES was up to Mega Man 3 at the time.

I do like that these sprites have been ripped for the world to see. I doubt anyone will use these. But, at least people can see them.

I love how The Spriters Resource doesn't judge a game's resource, how the sprites look, or how good or bad a game is. People can submit sprites from any game they wish to. It might take a while to get them approved, but The Sprites Resource has hundreds of accepted submissions each week, so I'm okay with it.
Sep 2, 2017, 4:47 PM
Um... Is anyone still mad at me or do they still think I'm an asshole?
Apr 7, 2017, 5:28 PM

It's a joke.
Apr 6, 2017, 8:22 PM
Hopefully we get UNO sprites soon.
Apr 6, 2017, 6:36 PM
Mega Man DOS, huh?
Where's Mega Man UNO?
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