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Posted by Dazz - April 28, 2009 - 7:22 AM
People always told me that three was the magic number, because great things always came in threes. I never believed them, since that's stupid - Green Grapes are the greatest thing, and they come in bunches. They can make bottles of wine, but those come in cases of 6 typically... So I beg to differ.

So from this day, I denote that 123 is the magic number - Why? Because that's how many sheets are in this update! Whoa! How coincidental! It's as though it was planned right from the start!

Treat these sheets as you would a gorgeous grape - magnificently. It's a beautiful thing, a delicious thing.

Mmm... I might go get some grapes in a minute...
Sheets in this update: 96
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Mobile Sheets: 4
NES Sheets: 10
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PlayStation Sheets: 8
SNES Sheets: 6

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