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Posted by Ton - February 24, 2024 - 10:40 AM
Hey everyone! New week, new sprites. Let's get started!

Luciano_bullock ripped some Arcade Spider Man stuff and GBA X-Men, Ya Block has been going even older-school with Atari rips, Sonikku brings us some very charming OH! DANGO! JAM rips, UncannyGirl ripped some Digimon, DrakeyC has a bunch of Fallout rips, syphersephir is back with way more FF Record Keeper content, johnnie eletronic has some cool new NEC PC-9801 rips, Gummy Frog submitted some adorable Hello Kitty stuff, mangirl has some also cute NES rips, That One Seong submitted a lot of great visual novel(?) rips, SirDuckman grabbed some also cute Jack in a Castle rips, ppbit has been practising the Art of Fighting, HijodeKrypton has even more comicy goodness, true has more DBZ, and many many others.

On the Custom side of things, zapcircuit jumped on Arzette's release with the first customs of that, StardustNova made a very cool Castlevania sheet, JamesTDG made Master Chief in a style I never expected to see him in, Red-Bun gave us a very cute Genesis Mario, and SuperSledgeBro made some great Mario tilesets. But as always, there are more! Check them all out, and we'll see you next time!
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