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Submitters Random Talking Bush, SciresM
Format ZIP
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Zip Contents[37]
  • Super Mario Odyssey/DeviceFont80_81x85.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/HeadFont72_84x98.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/HeadFont72_CNzh_69x73.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/HeadFont72_EUde_84x115.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/HeadFont72_EUes_72x117.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/HeadFont72_EUfr_84x98.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/HeadFont72_EUit_72x98.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/HeadFont72_EUnl_84x97.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/HeadFont72_EUru_76x91.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/HeadFont72_USes_72x98.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/HeadFont72_USfr_84x97.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/IconFont16_11x11.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/IconFont80_77x78.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/MessageFont38_40x48.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/MessageFont38_CNzh_39x40.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/MessageFont38_EUde_40x48.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/MessageFont38_EUes_40x48.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/MessageFont38_EUit_40x48.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/MessageFont38_EUnl_40x48.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/MessageFont38_EUru_40x48.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/MessageFont38_JPja_40x48.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/MessageFont38_TWzh_40x40.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/MessageFont38_USes_40x48.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/MessageFont38_USEUfr_40x48.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/NumberFont26_23x31.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/PictureFont80_97x115.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/Tag.txt
  • Super Mario Odyssey/TitleFont60_62x78.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/TitleFont60_CNzh_59x61.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/TitleFont60_EUde_62x78.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/TitleFont60_EUit_62x78.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/TitleFont60_EUnl_62x78.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/TitleFont60_EUru_62x78.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/TitleFont60_JPja_62x78.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/TitleFont60_TWzh_59x61.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/TitleFont60_USEUes_62x78.png
  • Super Mario Odyssey/TitleFont60_USEUfr_62x79.png
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May 28, 2018, 4:15 PM
@KingBooFan629 Turns out there are many different versions of Rodin. The version used in Odyssey is FOT-RodinNTLG.
May 27, 2018, 2:36 PM
@KingBooFan629 As far as I know they’re not Rodin, but Rodin is a good alternate for the English letters. The Japanese letters are still a mystery to me, but if you don’t plan on using Japanese letters, use Rodin.
May 26, 2018, 7:04 AM
Can someone help me get the Menu and Map Fonts into a .ttf?
Apr 1, 2018, 3:02 PM
Nevermind, i found this!
Apr 1, 2018, 2:48 PM
Can someone help me make the "You Got A Moon" font into a .ttf
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