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Duel Mode
Category Nintendo 64
Submitter blueberrymuffin
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Duel Mode
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Dec 1, 2020, 2:39 AM
you know, I had this idea for a board game/trading card game version of the duel mode of Mario Party 3

there would be more Mario Enemies from throughout the series, from the regular mainline games, to the land games on the Game Boy, to even the ones from Paper Mario, and instead of getting them through a roulette, you'd use cards that would be used as the information for the party members (which can be got through booster packs) and the way you'll get them is by drawing from your party deck of 40 party member cards, and some party members have a different rank (Gold, Silver, & Bronze) which determines how many copies of that card you can have in a deck (Bronze let's you keep 3 in your deck, Silver let's you keep 2, Gold let's you keep one, and no rank let's you put as many as you like) and the more higher the rank the more powerful the party member, there's also rare Platinum ranked party members that are super powerful but you can only have one Platinum Ranked Party Member in your deck, and here some examples:

>Whacka from Paper Mario, with 1 health, 0 power, 6 salary, and it's effect is that when when it's defeated in battle the owner of the card's health gets fully restored
>Lakitu has 1 health, 2 power, 1 salary, and it's effect is where when it's defeated in battle, you can search your deck for any Spiny cards, and if you have one in your deck, you shuffle your deck, and place said spiny card as the top card on your deck
>Spear Guy has 2 health, 1 power, 2 salary, and it's effect is that during one attack only it can due 1 damage to the player directly
>Bandit has 1 health, 1 power, 5 salary, and it's effect has it steal the amount of coins from a single die roll everytime the owner lands on an opponents space
>Hiyoihoi from Super Mario Land has 3 health, 2 Power, 4 salary, and can only attack person farthest away from him (so basically a more powerful Mr. Blizzard)
>Sparky has 2 health, 3 power, 3 salary, and it's effect is that after being attacked, you'd roll a die and if it lands on an even number, the attacker gets dealt with one damage
>Phanto from Super Mario USA has 1 health, 0 power, 6 salary, and has the effect of when an oppenent's party member kills it, the attacking party member becomes part of your party (in the same position as where it was)
>Cannon Pig from Super Mario Land 2 has 2 health, 2 power, 3 salary, and has the ability that before it attacks, you roll a die, if you lands on an odd number the attack goes to the opponent nearest, but if it lands on an even number the goes to the opponent farthest away

and to show what position they're in, there would be two holders representing Black & White (White for front & and Black for back), see the pieces on the board are red and blue game pieces with top and middle part being the Red or Blue color and the Bottom part being colored white on one end & black on the other and this would give a better understanding of what your piece is, and each blank space has a circle at the near it and you'd place ether a red or blue token to represent your space,

and it'd have these changes to the game to make it more like a board game:

>the players now have 10 health points to make the game last longer
>Bell Top & Mini-Game Spaces would be gone
>Movement is determined by rolling 2 six sided dice
>Game Guy Spaces would consist of a game where you roll a die and if you roll an even number you're coins are doubled, and you can keep rolling the dice to increase the multiplication of your coins up by one or just take the coins and continue the game, but if you roll an odd number you'd lose all your coins and continue the game
>Pipesqueak would have you roll a die each time you enter a pipe, and depending on what you roll, that's where you'll end up (there's even a key next to each pipe to tell where you need to go)

do you think that would be good?
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