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Streets of Rage
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Category Mobile
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Streets of Rage
Streets of Rage
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Feb 9, 2017, 2:34 PM
In case anyone is wondering, the alternate palettes I'm adding are actually from the various name_#_pal_x.png files you can see in the zip archive. It looks like nothing is in them but they actually have the palettes indexed in them and you can view the color table in Photoshop or equivalent. In Photoshop I just have to open a pal, view the color table, save it and then load it in the actual sheet itself. Pain in the ass but it was bothering me on what they were.
-Update 2/11/2017-
In looking for the game online, I found multiple versions for various screen resolutions of old cellphones. And some versions have different variations for some characters, I'm gonna add them to their respective sheets but bare in mind not all characters are in different versions. For example, Souther and Mr. X seem to be the only bosses that are in all versions. Also of interest is that Adam, who is unplayable as far as I know, has resized sprites but Blaze doesn't. She only has sprites for the larger resolutions.
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