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Hidden Palace Zone Objects
Filesize 58.25 KB
Submitters Dolphman, Kurai
Format PNG (image/png)
Size 638x384 pixels
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Hidden Palace Zone Objects
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Nov 1, 2020, 6:44 AM
@BeeChain It makes no sense when it's literally a triceratops. Hence the other punny name I gave it in the sheet.
Nov 1, 2020, 3:34 AM
I forgot the name of Stegway for a second, and I just called him Rhinik. I only just realized I forgot Stegway wasn't a rhino... well...
Dec 20, 2017, 10:31 AM
Swooper is actually called Batbot, atleast both the sonic 2 remake and sonic mania refer it as Batbot in their object list
Oct 2, 2017, 2:48 AM
Kurai sent me files ripped directly from both mobile remakes. I'm planning on making more spritesheets with him in the futrure. I guess the latest unpacker is backwards compatible with STH1 and STH2's RSDK files.
Oct 1, 2017, 3:32 AM
@KirbyLover2048: Yeah, it was pretty neat. HLG actually gave me the sprites for the Bowser Mech, too!

To anybody: I'm assuming these were leftovers from Sonic Mania as Sonic 2's RSDK file type isn't supported by Retrun or RSDK Unpack yet, right?
Sep 25, 2017, 8:52 PM
thank god
Sep 25, 2017, 7:31 PM
I remember seeing that dinosaur sprite being recolored and used as a Yoshi in a Sonic 2 YouTube video. It was Sonic in a Mushroom Kingdom level.
Sep 25, 2017, 4:04 PM
The Egg Trombone?
Sep 25, 2017, 11:13 AM
"Hey Sonic, check this out! It's like the master of all Chaos Emeralds or something!"
(classic sonic jumping noise)
"oops it broke"
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