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Submitter Mr. C
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Zip Contents[237]
  • New Banners/1stBirthday.png
  • New Banners/2ndBirthday.png
  • New Banners/4thofJuly.png
  • New Banners/150DollarsWTF.png
  • New Banners/2018RecapBig.png
  • New Banners/2018RecapClassicSonic.png
  • New Banners/2018RecapRouge.png
  • New Banners/2018RecapShadow.png
  • New Banners/2018RecapSpecial.png
  • New Banners/BabySonicFreeGift.png
  • New Banners/BaseballEventAllStarAmy.png
  • New Banners/BaseballEventFreeGift1.png
  • New Banners/BaseballEventFreeGift2.png
  • New Banners/BaseballEventSluggerSonic.png
  • New Banners/BaseballEventTeamSonicWin.png
  • New Banners/Big2.png
  • New Banners/BlackFridayBig.png
  • New Banners/BlackFridayChaos.png
  • New Banners/BlackFridayMetalSonic.png
  • New Banners/BlackFridayMetalSonic2.png
  • New Banners/BlackFridayShadow.png
  • New Banners/BlackFridayShadow2.png
  • New Banners/BlackFridayZavok.png
  • New Banners/BlackFridayZazz.png
  • New Banners/CardCacheGift.png
  • New Banners/ChaosAndMetalSonic.png
  • New Banners/ChaosAndZavok.png
  • New Banners/ChaosEventFree.png
  • New Banners/ChristmasBig.png
  • New Banners/ChristmasClassicSonic.png
  • New Banners/ChristmasElfClassicSonic.png
  • New Banners/ChristmasSantaBig.png
  • New Banners/ChristmasShadow.png
  • New Banners/DraftEventFreeGift.png
  • New Banners/DraftEventTeamRoseWin.png
  • New Banners/EggPawnAssault2FreeGift.png
  • New Banners/EggPawnAssaultPrize.png
  • New Banners/ExcaliburSonicFreeGift.png
  • New Banners/FireblossomFestivalFreeGift.png
  • New Banners/FootbrawlFreeGiftDark.png
  • New Banners/FootbrawlFreeGiftDarkWin.png
  • New Banners/FootbrawlFreeGiftSonic.png
  • New Banners/FreeRingsAmy.png
  • New Banners/FreeRingsCharmy.png
  • New Banners/FreeRingsCream.png
  • New Banners/FreeRingsKnuckles.png
  • New Banners/FreeRingsOmega.png
  • New Banners/FreeRingsSilver.png
  • New Banners/FreeRingsSonic.png
  • New Banners/FreeRingsTails.png
  • New Banners/FreeRingsVector.png
  • New Banners/FreeRingsWave.png
  • New Banners/Girls.png
  • New Banners/GoldRings75Percent.png
  • New Banners/GottaSnowFastXXLFreeGift.png
  • New Banners/GrimGalaFreeGift.png
  • New Banners/HalloweenRouge.png
  • New Banners/HalloweenVampireShadowGift.png
  • New Banners/HalloweenWitchRougeGift.png
  • New Banners/HeavyMetalEventFreeGift.png
  • New Banners/IceSlicerJetFreeGift.png
  • New Banners/Invincibility.png
  • New Banners/Jet1.png
  • New Banners/Jet2.png
  • New Banners/JetAndWave.png
  • New Banners/LongclawFreeGift.png
  • New Banners/LunarEventBlaze.png
  • New Banners/LunarEventLanternSilverGift.png
  • New Banners/LunarEventLunarBlazeGift.png
  • New Banners/LunarEventSilver.png
  • New Banners/MasqueradeMayhemGiftRouge.png
  • New Banners/MasqueradeMayhemGiftShadow.png
  • New Banners/MasqueradeMayhemShadowWin.png
  • New Banners/MetalSonic.png
  • New Banners/MetalSonicAndBig.png
  • New Banners/MetalSonicAndChaos.png
  • New Banners/MetalSonicAndChaos2.png
  • New Banners/MetalSonicPlus.png
  • New Banners/MetalSonicTargettedOffer.png
  • New Banners/MovieTrioGift.png
  • New Banners/NewUserBlazeOffer.png
  • New Banners/PeaceLoveChaosFreeGift.png
  • New Banners/PersonalOfferShadow.png
  • New Banners/PrettyToughGift1.png
  • New Banners/PrettyToughGift2.png
  • New Banners/RareAllStars.png
  • New Banners/RareDuo.png
  • New Banners/RareDuo2.png
  • New Banners/RareQuadPack.png
  • New Banners/RedRings60Percent.png
  • New Banners/RingsDiscount.png
  • New Banners/RiptideRavePrize.png
  • New Banners/RotatingRaresBlaze.png
  • New Banners/RotatingRaresEspio.png
  • New Banners/RotatingRaresJet.png
  • New Banners/RotatingRaresStorm.png
  • New Banners/RotatingRaresVector.png
  • New Banners/RougeAndShadow.png
  • New Banners/SamsungBundle.png
  • New Banners/SamsungJanuary.png
  • New Banners/SeasonBestOfBundle.png
  • New Banners/ShadowAndBlaze.png
  • New Banners/ShadowAndChaos.png
  • New Banners/ShadowAndMetalSonic.png
  • New Banners/ShadowPlus.png
  • New Banners/ShadowPlus2.png
  • New Banners/SolarParadeFreeGift.png
  • New Banners/SonicBirthdayGift.png
  • New Banners/SonicBirthdayGift2.png
  • New Banners/SonicMovieDuoFreeGift.png
  • New Banners/SportsRecapFreeGift.png
  • New Banners/SpringEventCream.png
  • New Banners/SpringEventSpringCream.png
  • New Banners/SpringEventSpringCream2.png
  • New Banners/Storm1.png
  • New Banners/Storm2.png
  • New Banners/Storm3.png
  • New Banners/SummerRecapFreeGift.png
  • New Banners/SuperRareAllStars.png
  • New Banners/SuperRareDuo.png
  • New Banners/SuperRareDuo2.png
  • New Banners/SuperRareDuoPlusZeena.png
  • New Banners/SuperRareOnly.png
  • New Banners/SuperRareTrio.png
  • New Banners/TangleFreeGift.png
  • New Banners/TangleIAP.png
  • New Banners/TeamChaotix.png
  • New Banners/TeamDark.png
  • New Banners/TeamDark2.png
  • New Banners/TeamDark3.png
  • New Banners/TeamRose.png
  • New Banners/TeamSonic.png
  • New Banners/TeenSonicFreeGift.png
  • New Banners/TidalWaveFreeGift.png
  • New Banners/Tier3.png
  • New Banners/Tier4.png
  • New Banners/Tier5.png
  • New Banners/Tier6.png
  • New Banners/Tier7.png
  • New Banners/Tikal1.png
  • New Banners/Tikal2.png
  • New Banners/TikalAndZeena.png
  • New Banners/Top3RarePlusRandom.png
  • New Banners/Top3SuperRarePlusRandom.png
  • New Banners/TropicalStormGift.png
  • New Banners/ValentinesBundle.png
  • New Banners/WarChildCharity.png
  • New Banners/Wave1.png
  • New Banners/Wave2.png
  • New Banners/Wave3.png
  • New Banners/Whirlwind.png
  • New Banners/WhisperFreeGift.png
  • New Banners/WhisperIAP.png
  • New Banners/ZavokAndZazz.png
  • New Banners/ZavokAndZazzEvent.png
  • New Banners/Zazz1.png
  • New Banners/Zazz2.png
  • New Banners/Zeena2.png
  • New Banners/ZeenaGift.png
  • Old Banners/01.png
  • Old Banners/01HD.png
  • Old Banners/02.png
  • Old Banners/02HD.png
  • Old Banners/03.png
  • Old Banners/03HD.png
  • Old Banners/BG01.png
  • Old Banners/BG01HD.png
  • Old Banners/BG02.png
  • Old Banners/BG02HD.png
  • Old Banners/BG03.png
  • Old Banners/BG03HD.png
  • Old Banners/Blaze1.png
  • Old Banners/Blaze1HD.png
  • Old Banners/Blaze2.png
  • Old Banners/Blaze2HD.png
  • Old Banners/Blaze3.png
  • Old Banners/Blaze3HD.png
  • Old Banners/CharactersValue.png
  • Old Banners/CharactersValueHD.png
  • Old Banners/Cream1.png
  • Old Banners/Cream1HD.png
  • Old Banners/Cream2.png
  • Old Banners/Cream2HD.png
  • Old Banners/Cream3.png
  • Old Banners/Cream3HD.png
  • Old Banners/FreeRingsAmy.png
  • Old Banners/FreeRingsAmyHD.png
  • Old Banners/FreeRingsCharmy.png
  • Old Banners/FreeRingsCharmyHD.png
  • Old Banners/FreeRingsClassicSonic.png
  • Old Banners/FreeRingsClassicSonicHD.png
  • Old Banners/FreeRingsEspio.png
  • Old Banners/FreeRingsEspioHD.png
  • Old Banners/FreeRingsKnuckles.png
  • Old Banners/FreeRingsKnucklesHD.png
  • Old Banners/FreeRingsOmega.png
  • Old Banners/FreeRingsOmegaHD.png
  • Old Banners/FreeRingsRouge.png
  • Old Banners/FreeRingsRougeHD.png
  • Old Banners/FreeRingsSilver.png
  • Old Banners/FreeRingsSilverHD.png
  • Old Banners/FreeRingsSonic.png
  • Old Banners/FreeRingsSonicHD.png
  • Old Banners/FreeRingsTails.png
  • Old Banners/FreeRingsTailsHD.png
  • Old Banners/FreeRingsVector.png
  • Old Banners/FreeRingsVectorHD.png
  • Old Banners/GooglePlay.png
  • Old Banners/GooglePlayHD.png
  • Old Banners/RingsValue01.png
  • Old Banners/RingsValue01HD.png
  • Old Banners/RingsValue02.png
  • Old Banners/RingsValue02HD.png
  • Old Banners/RingsValue03.png
  • Old Banners/RingsValue03HD.png
  • Old Banners/RingsValue04.png
  • Old Banners/RingsValue04HD.png
  • Old Banners/Shadow.png
  • Old Banners/ShadowHD.png
  • Old Banners/WinterChaos.png
  • Old Banners/WinterChaosHD.png
  • Old Banners/WinterChest1.png
  • Old Banners/WinterChest1HD.png
  • Old Banners/WinterChest2.png
  • Old Banners/WinterChest2HD.png
  • Old Banners/WinterChest3.png
  • Old Banners/WinterChest3HD.png
  • Old Banners/WinterPresent1.png
  • Old Banners/WinterPresent1HD.png
  • Old Banners/WinterPresent2.png
  • Old Banners/WinterPresent2HD.png
  • Old Banners/WinterTeamChaotix.png
  • Old Banners/WinterTeamChaotixHD.png
  • Old Banners/WinterTeamDark.png
  • Old Banners/WinterTeamDarkHD.png
  • Old Banners/WinterTeamSonic.png
  • Old Banners/WinterTeamSonicHD.png
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Nov 26, 2018, 6:18 PM
Submitted revision to add Storm's banners, the fist birthday banner, and all six of the Black Friday banners. I thought the event was over, since it was stated it would end before Monday, but luckily, that was incorrect. Strangely, the background for Zavok's banner is sliiiiiightly different from the others. Wierd.

Shadow's Halloween banners are still lost, unfortunately...
Nov 25, 2018, 11:35 PM
Well, it seems we're on the last Black Friday bundle, and no sign of Shadow, at least not for me... He's the only one I'm missing now. Ripping from an online, constantly changing mobile game is kinda annoying, but I don't want to let anyone down...
Nov 25, 2018, 6:48 AM
I'm afraid I've got some bad news, boys. Somehow, my cache got cleared out without me knowing. I've got Storm's banners, the 1st birthday banners, and I'm waiting to get the two Black Friday banners I haven't seen yet (Shadow and Zavok), but it seems the banners for Vampire Shadow and Shadow's Halloween banner are lost to me... I don't normally ask for help like this, but there is a way to salvage them if any dedicated players of this game are willing to help me out. It's a little lengthy, but it's the only effective way:

Keep in mind, you'll have to have not cleared your cache data since November 1st to get these banners.

-First, install ES File Explorer on your device.
-Next, use it to go through your files. The ones we need are in "Android>data>com.sega.sprint>files>UnityCache>Shared".
-Copy the "Shared" folder to your device's main directory, so you can copy it to a computer.
-After it's on your computer, go into the "Shared" folder and search "." Yes, just a dot. Every file ever has it in it's name, even if it doesn't show it. Sort them by filesize. The ones relevant here are 6-10 MB in size. Select them, go back to the "Shared" folder (or better yet, an empty folder made just for this) and copy them all to it. When prompted, select "Copy, but keep both files" for all of them.
-Using Unity Assets Bundle Extractor, go through each file one by one. Choose to unpack the file, and save as a one-symbol name like "1" or something. Do it each time, always replacing it as you go down the files. In UABE, select "Info" to see the files in each bundle without exporting the bundle data, which would just take more time.
-Sort the bundles by type, so you can easily see the textures listed. They're clearly labeled, so you'll know when you've found Shadow's Halloween banners by their name.
-Once you've found them, select "Plugins" on the right side of the window. Select "Export to .png" and save them to this folder of banners, saving them as "HalloweenShadowHD" and "HalloweenShadowVampireHD" respectively, so as to keep the naming theme. Then zip it, and update it here. Feel free to add yourself to the Submitter tab.
-If you don't want to do all of the above, zip the "Shared" folder and send it to me via PM by Google Drive or something. I'll be sure to add your name to the submitter tab for your troubles.

Again, I don't usually ask for help like this, but this is the only way to get them now. It's all up to you guys...
Nov 4, 2018, 6:25 AM
Mr. C did you can add Vampire Shadow in banners ?
Sep 6, 2018, 7:24 PM
Okay, quick update on this little situation for those concerned, I’ve figured out how to get the new banners. Fortunately, they were archived in my tablet’s data cache, so all banners I’ve seen over the course of the last few months were there. I can only get the HD versions, not the standard versions. I doubt most people will care about the lower resolution versions, but it still bugs me that I can't get them. Also, I can confirm that I got Big’s second banner, but not the first. If I ever see it again. I’ll get it, but it may be lost forever, which really sucks. It's not the best outcome, but it's the best I’ve got for now. Thank you for your patience.
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