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Granblue Fantasy
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Granblue Fantasy
Granblue Fantasy
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Jan 20, 2022, 5:42 PM
I think they executed the homage to classic RPGs bit pretty well. It certainly gives me nostalgia for days when FF wasn't... whatever you call what it is now.
functionally I don't see much difference between FF1's battles and the combat system in GBF. It's definitely a much better representation of FF than any of the FF games lately have been. Certainly as it progresses GBF becomes its own thing, but I definitely got REALLY strong early FF vibes from the main plot during the first act. I don't find the gacha mechanics in GBF to even be comparable to other gacha games either.

Sure its missing the exploration aspect of FF... and the annoyingly frequent and time wasting random encounters... But then again not all classic RPGs even had those features to begin with. I wouldn't claim it provides the same experience as FFI or FFIV... but even most FFIV versions don't provide the same experience as FFIV. Each port of that game feels incredibly different to me in some ways, and entirely too similar in others that I wish had changed.

Also Genshin Impact is also a mobile game and is also a better BOTW than BOTW... so... for a given definition of RPG or "proper game" on "proper system"...
I guess I just qualitatively disagree with your statements.

Also Chocobos may be unique enough, but rideable birds existed already, and flying cat familiars (what moogles were originally) aren't terribly unique either. My point on that matter wasn't that FF has done nothing to create its own mythos, but rather that it owes the extreme majority of its mythos, classic gameplay, plot and setting concepts, to another game that it lifted them from initially without alteration, and continued to do so for several iterations.
May 27, 2020, 1:59 PM
@Satoh That's not entirely true. There are quite some things that are "technically original" to Final Fantasy. At least, I wouldn't expect to see Chocobos and Moogles in anything that isn't published by Square Enix.

If find Granblue Fantasy a very weird thing that, in its concept and execution just doesn't match up at all. It's supposed to be a "homage to the golden age of JRPGs", yet it's a goddamn mobile game. A gacha game even. Now, I'm not entirely opposed to them (I play Azur Lane myself), but it's obvious that those games can't provide the same experience as a proper game on a proper system.

The idea that a mobile gacha game, arguably one of the worst aspects of modern gaming, can emulate the feeling and experience of actually good retro games is utterly laughable.
May 26, 2020, 10:56 PM
To be clear. Granblue Fantasy was developed by people who left the Final Fantasy dream team at a point some time before FF started being... very tonally different.
Seeing as nothing in Final Fantasy was technically original to Final Fantasy, nothing about the general setting of Final Fantasy was copyright protected. All the names of the core creatures and concepts are taken from mythology or Dungeons and Dragons.
Granblue Fantasy and its older sibling Rage of Bahamut, are very Final Fantasy-esque... in part due to who created them being FF veterans, and in part as homage to the golden age of JRPGs.
Much of the game is specifically designed to evoke nostalgia for the more classic FF era, and it does a very good job of it too, but it is wholly its own world and its own intellectual property... in fact having many more original ideas to it than Final Fantasy proper, which, as stated, took most of its stuff from oldschool D&D, most readily seen in the original Final Fantasy, which basically was just an unlicensed D&D game.
Apr 2, 2020, 6:28 PM
The best part about his comment is that there's a link to the game's wiki page that would tell him everything about the game in the post right underneath his.
Apr 2, 2020, 4:57 PM
@Depressed Mario: ...No? Final Fantasy didn't invent the word "fantasy" after all.
Apr 2, 2020, 4:56 PM
@Depressed Mario - Not in the slightest.
Apr 2, 2020, 4:56 PM
Is This Supposed to be A Ripoff of Final Fantasy?
Apr 2, 2020, 1:48 PM
How To Acquire Stage Sprites From Granblue Fantasy: Specifics
(There might be a way to do this that's more comprehensive, accurate, and/or even easier, but Draconic doesn't know it.)

I'll start by using an example: If you go to this URL: http://game-a1.granbluefantasy.jp/assets_en/img_mid/sp/quest/scene/character/body/3040028000_b_surprise_up.png you'll get a picture of Zeta.

What's important here is this part: "3040028000_b_surprise_up". I'll explain that piece by piece:

• 3040028000
This is OG Zeta's character number.

• _b
the third alternate art for this specific character number.
[note: it goes nothing, _a, _b, and so on]

• _surprise
this character's surprised expression.

• _up
a close up.

Things ALWAYS go in that order: Art version, emotion, close up.png

If there isn't a close up, that tag is just left out. There's no tag for default. There's occasionally one other identifier that comes after _up called _speed, which has the outer frame of the image blurred slightly so that if the frame shakes and a certain texture or sprite animation (or something along those lines, I'm not 100% sure of the terminology), is applied, it looks a little like the character is running toward the camera. If this isn't used, it's left out, too.

Note that there is not always a close up shot, or a speed shot. There isn't even always alternate art, or even multiple expressions: It all really depends on various factors such as the character's popularity, and whether they've been featured in an event. That last one is often the deciding factor.

The art version is sometimes a nonstandard word, as you'll see in OG Beatrix's file: Instead of _a or _b, she has _unarmed and _unarmed2. This is another thing to look out for when hunting down characters' expressions: some characters have more than one expression that can be defined by a certain word, so a number is added after one of the tags. This usually is done with the emotion tag. the number 1 is generally skipped, and it goes straight to 2 after the default version, but I don't think this is a hard rule. Here's an example:

_mortifying is something that I've only seen on Beatrix so far, but I'll admit that I haven't looked at a lot of characters. Recently, the only ones I've actually checked are the ones I've uploaded and Vyrn.
however, here are a few emotion tags that I believe are relatively common: _sad _laugh _angry _shout _surprise _serious _mood _think _weak
Remember: Any of these tags could have a number after it. sometimes more than one. Ilsa's _surprise tags go all the way up to _surprise4.

Please note that I've not uploaded any of the full character images. For those, you can just go to https://gbf.wiki/ and navigate to the Characters section on the lefthand menu.
This in mind, if anyone figures out the exact number of pixels that I have to scale a stage sprite down to in order to fit them perfectly over the default full-body images, PLEASE let me know.
*(Stage sprites are what I've been uploading. They're the square images of the characters' upper bodies that are used for the story mode — the screen above the text box is called the stage in the code)

Oh, right, one last thing: Popular female characters have a _valentine tag, and popular male characters have a _whiteday tag.
Apr 2, 2020, 11:02 AM
You don't even need to rip stuff. It's all out in the open just waiting for you to take it.

Start by going to gbf wiki (it has all the full art for all the characters and summons) and if you want to collect the characters' facial expressions, just click on the Lore tab, and scroll to the links to their Special Cutscenes. You might need a Mobage account to access these, I'm not sure. Note that the game only runs on Chrome and Safari.

Once you're watching the skit, right click on the game screen and select Inspect Element. If you're using Safari, you need to go to the application's preferences, select the Advanced tab, and check Show Develop menu in menu bar. Then you'll be able to get an Inspect Element by right-clicking.
It's easier if you actually play the game and have the character in question, mind you.

While Inspecting, go to Network, and search ,png. You can also go to sources, but that'll only show the items that are currently on screen. Note that you can find sound and voice files like this by searching .mp3)

Characters have a relatively wide range of facial expressions, but usually these are reserved for SSR and event characters, and certain important NPCs.

These emotions can be found relatively easily even if you don't have the items in the debugging menu. I'll go over a few tricks on how to look around for them in my next post.
Apr 1, 2019, 9:02 PM
@OZKai I plan to but I haven't had the time yet.
Jan 23, 2019, 9:39 AM
Is there anyone planning on ripping this game to the same extent that FEH has been? I love the art direction of this game, but aside from artbooks, there's no one place to get all the assets.
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