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Sonic Classics 3 in 1
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Sonic Classics 3 in 1
Sonic Classics 3 in 1
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Oct 7, 2017, 10:41 PM
Strangely enough, Robotnik's meen been machin is not an classic. yet, the reason may be because Sonic 3 wouldn't fit into the 4MB Cartridfe- I MEAN CARTRIDGE
also, i'd like to say:

i'd love to see SEGA bring back the Saturn or make an Dreamcast 2 for some new gen and go for something like the Wii U E SHOP loading screen as an Bios or Menu for when there is nothing loaded.
still, if that happened, the Dreamcast 2 wouldn't happen because they don't met the conditions they would need to have it blow up in the market (Suuuch as distribution everywhere, just like they did with TecToy when they got Chaotix over here in Brazil.) seems like since the last (Re)release of the Genessis, they broke any relation with TecToy, because in that (Re)Release of the Genessis, there WAS stuff about it here... oh wait i think i remember! it was in the first half of the year,

so SEGA and TecToy might still have relations...just possibly.
well, back to surfin' in the Spriters Resource for some more pixel googness.
Mar 30, 2017, 5:57 PM
I have this huge urge to post a meme, but I'm not in the mood.
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