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Chase H.Q. II / Super H.Q.
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Chase H.Q. II / Super H.Q.
Chase H.Q. II / Super H.Q.
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Jul 20, 2022, 6:50 AM
@Magic Mike Matei It is suppose to be its own game due to the different vehicles and music but inspired by Chase HQ in terms of gameplay. ITL who made this game also made Super Chase HQ on the Game Boy that itself is based on Chase HQ but with rearranged levels and an upgrade shop (also ironically a better game than this just by having smoother scrolling, this is quite jerky).

It's confusing really. There's the original Chase HQ on the arcade and the home computer ports as well as the UK developed Game Boy port (the X68000 port is actually a clone originally called Chaser HQ hence why no branching paths but got the Chase HQ name last minute), then due to some copyright issue there's Taito Chase HQ that is a port of the original for the PC Engine (and the Japanese version of the Game Boy port) but then NES and the Master System/Game Gear versions changed quite a bit including a shop. Ironically Taito Chase HQ was not made by Taito themselves...

It gets worse... The Japanese name Super HQ is shared with the Japanese name for Super Chase HQ (Super HQ - Criminal Tracer) that itself is given to the Game Boy game mentioned above. All different games with the SNES one being based on the Super Chase Criminal Termination arcade game. Yet Taito made another Chase HQ 2 for the arcade discounting this game (and again outsourcing to a little known Japanese-UK studio Gamewax)...

Special Criminal Investigation didn't really get as many ports with the best being both the PC Engine and the Master System versions outside of the arcade (I think the Saturn port was okay too). Only Ocean added the Chase HQ 2 name for extra sales. You can tell really because you can shoot at the cars and bikes at any time that you can't outside of certain scenarios with the rocket launcher in the other games.
Jul 20, 2022, 1:19 AM
Chase HQ on the Genesis was alright for what it was. Don't know if this was supposed to be based on the original Chase HQ or the other Chase HQ II: Special Criminal Investigation on the Amiga version. The Super NES version (Super Chase HQ) on the other hand was based on Super Chase: Criminal Termination
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