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Brutal Unleashed: Above the Claw (32X)
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Brutal Unleashed: Above the Claw (32X)
Brutal Unleashed: Above the Claw (32X)
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Apr 12, 2017, 2:30 PM
I actually decided to play this game a few days ago to remind myself how bad it is. The gameplay doesn't even feel professional: it's so broken and clunky that it's unbelievable. I mean, you think Shaq Fu is bad? This game is WAY worse. ...And yet, yesterday, I decided to play the SNES version of Brutal. Still no Street Fighter 2 by any means, and yet it still felt a bit... better. The sprites were bigger and more appropriate for the system, the gameplay felt LESS clunky and broken (though still a bit so) and the AI doesn't become cheap until late in the game, where here it gets cheap right away. Plus, I hate how this one tries to be edgy and hip with that hokey techno music and Psycho Cat trying to act cool in front of the SEGA logo, where it felt a bit more mature in the SNES game. Not to mention the rain effect on the Battlements stage is just embarrassing.

Just... no, I can't even give this game furry points. Brutal SNES, MAYBE, gets furry points (although the characters are all pretty butt-ugly) but Brutal 32X is just so broken and unpolished that it's almost unplayable. If there are worse licensed fighting games out there (Heck, I've even played pirated fighting games that are better), I can't imagine they'd be MUCH worse than this.
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