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Posted by Random Talking Bush - May 27, 2023 - 1:57 PM
Random Talking Bush
Howdy! It's the rarely-seen green guy again bringing you this month's update!

We've got SupaCotn (true to their namesake) delivering even more Cotton (2 Tenkomori and Reboot) submissions, lots of 3DS menu icons from TeridaxXD001, Alxala filling in some more Game Boy entries with Super Game Boy borders, error screens and such, Zenksren with some Fighter's History, Rabbid4240 with a full set of Mega Man 9 stages, and did you know Game Freak released a game on the PlayStation as well? Our very own Dazz ripped practically everything from that game (Click Medic), as well as the unrelated Princess Maker: Pocket Daisakusen. That's not all, of course, our community's got so much more in this update. Still amazed at how packed each update is on a weekly basis, excellent work all around!

Until next time! Same tSR time, same tSR channel!
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