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Posted by Ton - April 20, 2024 - 8:48 AM
Good morning everyone! Welcome to Saturday, April 20th where there are absolutely no jokes to make about the date.

First up, we've got a bunch of Fire Emblem characters from clturtle and our good friend Falconpunch. Then, more Zelda CDi rips than I ever thought possible from ogarvey. Fabio2598 has some fun DBZ sheets, syphersephir has a whole buncha Final Fantasy rips, Gharug ripped loads of mobile monsters, DarkWolf has some new NEC sheets, Keenfan1990 is working on some obscure NES rips, HylianFox brings us to a galaxy far, far away, NEOSUIKA has some Touhou rips (which is a series I see on this site every week and I still have no idea what it is :P), Cerdiablo has rips from beloved PS1 gem, Tomba/i, MikanYen has some One Piece stuff, CWSKB brought some great Looney Tunes prototype sprites, and Sprite Loving Mimiga has a fun boss from Puggsy, among many many others.

For customs, MarioSonicfan98 has a collection of Animal Crossing rabbits, MarioMaker69420 has a neat and rare title screen custom, kindlypatrick has a few great Mario tilesets, Rachbat made an adorable Metroid, CartoonsAnimate22 and StickyChannel92 each made some incredible Knuckles sheets, Akimaca made a very neat Max/Feels the Rabbit, and khalifax10 and company made a great Dr. Fukurokov sheet, among several others!

So enjoy the nice green spring weather and the blazing sun, and have a great time checking out our 420+206 brand new sprite sheets!
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