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Roadsters '98 (Prototype)
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Category Game Boy / GBC
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Roadsters '98 (Prototype)
Roadsters '98 (Prototype)
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Jun 13, 2022, 5:12 PM
It says something when Titus of all companies cancelled this game, a company that only cancels something if they have to (Superman on the PS1, RoboCop on the GBA due to the company going under).

Doesn't say why it got cancelled but judging by the gameplay, having a top down racer with unappealing tracks and later down the line control issues doesn't seem to be enjoyable. Especially considering most of Titus' racing games are chase view and tend to show something a bit more technical off. Thinking about it, it perhaps the reason why they brought out a Game Boy Color game a year later that's pretty much Lamborghini American Challenge 2 and left this outsourced game in the dust. Weirdly if the credits in the ROM are correct, then Digital Eclipse had a hand with this game despite crediting another company.

Out of all the stuff they brought out, they tend to put the most effort in their racing games (Crazy Cars 3/Lamborghini American Challenge, Automobile Lamborghini, the N64/GBC versions of Roadsters, even Crazy Cars/Fire & Forget 1 and 2 were good for the Amstrad CPC but not so much on other systems due to better options). Even then that dropped when they started to outsource to Player 1.
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