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Buildings & Objects
Category DS / DSi
Submitter Tailx
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Buildings & Objects
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Jun 5, 2022, 5:08 PM *
I'm also going to explain the color theme in order to avoid some confusions.

Theme 1 - Pyoro (Day)
Theme 2 - Pyoro (Dusk)
Theme 3 - Pyoro (Night)
Theme 4 - Pyoro 2 (Day)
Theme 5 - Pyoro 2 (Sunset)
Theme 6 - Pyoro 2 (Night)
Theme 7 - Sepia
Theme 8 - Monochrome
Theme 8-15 - Monochrome (40K Neon Lights)

For the Comets, it originally appears about 9 times on the GBA version from 10,000 to 19,000. In Bird & Beans however, the Comets only now appears about 7 times for the DSi version from 13,000 to 19,000, I think it's because in the DSi version has two new objects, which is the Planet on the top-left and the Floating Island on the top-right, and I also think it's due that the DSi screen is now larger, and without the Planet and the Island for the DSi version, the background will might be a bit empty.
And one more thing for the Comets, in Pyoro the Comets is Blue, in Pyoro 2 the Comets is Red, and when you reach to Sepia at 20,000, the Comets turns White as you expect, but when you reach to Monochrome at 30,000 (though not possible to see it in-game), the Comets is Blue again due that the Comets and Fireworks sprites share the same color palettes.

And for the Neon Lights, on the GBA version, it cycles colors in an order to the beat of the music in realtime in-game. The color in order is Black, Yellow, Red, White, Blue, Green, Magenta, and Cyan.
In Bird & Beans, it uses the same color order like in the GBA version, but in the DSi version, instead of cycling colors to the beat of the music, the colors just continue to speed up and cause an interesting color illusion the longer you survive in-game until the Neon Lights (weirdly) resets back to the same 8 colors again and speed up again.
I did make an animated version of this spritesheet, but I can't submit animated spritesheets unfortunately.
Jun 5, 2022, 3:28 PM
People talk about the 3 scary figures in mario galaxy 2 but they never talk about the creepy figure in Pyoro 2. *Shivers*
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