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Posted by Ton - September 16, 2023 - 2:55 PM
Hey everyone! Welcome to the midpoint of September, the least notable month!

This week we've got some great stuff from a lot of familiar and not-so-familiar faces! Starting off, Dolphman has been working on some Amiga stuff, and Yawackhary on Amstrad and ZX Spectrum. HijodeKrypton has some more superhero-related submissions, Alxala keeps finding new Game Boy games to rip, dekutony has a few memory card odds and ends, Marcio araujo brings us some more fighters from a game with a very confusing name scheme in Slaughter Sport/Fat Man. 16-Bit Globe has a few sprites from the rarely-seen Jaguar, DogToon64 has more great stuff including a very familiar looking elephant, Falconpunch, Biggest_Chungus, and Patchworks have a new batch of their usual Gatcha game goodness. On the classic side of things, we have some sprites on the NES from VaILI12, some official (?) sprites of Gordon Freeman ripped by retroadamshow, a lot of Holocure from Asagohan, some big ol' robots from Lukebarz, a few baddies on the SNES from Magma MK-II, and even some Mega Man from true. Amazing job as usual, everyone!

For this week's customs, I'm very excited because we have a lot of characters and series that rarely get sprites. Whimz has an adorable Master Roshi, Jon Gandee somehow snuck Spongebob into the Mean Bean Machine, Dolphman and Neo_chromaticx made an amazing Robotnik truck, CartoonsAnimate22 made Amy Rose even cuter, RaymanFan1995 made a (what else?) Rayman custom sheet, and MegaToon1234 did a great Bulborb!

Have a great week, everyone, and we'll see you all next time!
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