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Posted by Random Talking Bush - May 25, 2024 - 8:42 PM
Random Talking Bush
Uh... Turns out nobody else is around tonight, so here's the bush again to bring you this week's update! Sorry for how incredibly late it is, I imagine it's no longer Saturday for most of you reading this.

It's 1943, apparently, as Keenfan1990 brings a bunch of 1943: The Battle of Midway rips and updates, MisterMike submitted a bunch of rips from Zynk Oxhide's Roll-chan series of hacks, there's Asuka 120% from Magma MK-II and Raccoon Sam and Kid Pix 5 from larsenv, Violent Vengeance from Ch405 (hopefully not *actually* enacted here), Guilty Gear Strive DLC updates from Miner, N64 game title screens from sanityormadness and Puyo Puyo 7 from LGG1191, to name a few. The Mobile section's got a sizable amount of submissions, too, with a bunch of Final Fantasy: Record Keeper sprites from syphersephir and AerospaceCoot35, Fire Emblem Heroes from Falconpunch (thanks for keeping the section up-to-date, by the way!), Idoly Pride from Gummy Frog, Love Nikki from Sinaria5080, MonTowers2 (shield your eyes, or don't, I'm not your dad) from Gharug, another Touhou Lost Word submission from KanaKonpaku and more, of course! There's also a bunch of nifty custom sprites from D3-03, deltaConduit, Dolphman, GPB_XD, hansungkee, kindlypatrick, Jon Gandee, ManiaMadness91, MarshadowSlime, MufasaKong, Omega, Sir Troba, Speedea_OG, Speems and TheEric132. And oh yeah, that one... *pulls out glasses* "Cardboard Luigi?" game came out the other day too, DogToon64 and fawfulthegreat64 delivered. And check out The Models Resource, too, the characters double as models after all!

Until next time, preferably while it's still a Saturday update instead of a Sunday one!
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