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Posted by Dazz - October 22, 2016 - 12:39 PM
Hey everyone, I'm in a rather perky mood today. I hope you're all having a good one too! I've been out with my friends having a rather marvellous time. I'll be out again tonight, too!

I may also have some interesting news coming up soon that I'll be sure to share with you once it's all confirmed. Should be pretty exciting!

This update has a nice variety, as usual! Loads of cool stuff, ranging from old to new. Young to old. Great to pretty-great-but-maybe-a-bit-dated-but-still-damn-good-lookin'!
Sheets in this update: 191
3DS Sheets: 27
Arcade Sheets: 5
BBC Micro Sheets: 1
Custom / Edited Sheets: 5
DS / DSi Sheets: 27
Game Boy / GBC Sheets: 3
Game Boy Advance Sheets: 2
Genesis / 32X / SCD Sheets: 3
Master System Sheets: 6
Mobile Sheets: 18
NES Sheets: 4
PC / Computer Sheets: 37
PlayStation Sheets: 2
PlayStation Vita Sheets: 12
SNES Sheets: 38
Wii U Sheets: 1

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