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Treasure of the Rudras (JPN) Sacred Gate (Interior, Stairway Areas & Quarters)
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Posted by Deathbringer - May 18, 2024 - 4:07 PM
Halfway through May with a ton of submissions. First ogarvey ripped not only Hotel Mario but Dimo's Quest, MicroMachines and Mutant Rampage: BodySlam. Ploaj ripped Bleach: Dark Souls and Guilty Gear Dust Strikers while Alxala did their usual thing. FrenchOrange revised a lot of maps for Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen while thadiusII ripped Sylvan Tale. blueberrymuffin did a bunch of games on the Gamecube and WiiU while Gummy Frog did #COMPASS.

Sinaria5080 did rips for Love Nikki while Gharug did MonTowers2. Keenfan1990 ripped a lot from Blood of Jurassic while Perdition's Gate Enjoyer did Blood. Another Crab's Treasure was given more rips by WhyEssEff while marios1999 ripped Boom. Golden Axe III is in the update thanks to Про Игрок while the SNES Wolfenstein 3d was worked on by both 16-Bit Globe and InsanityBringer. Ragey was responsible for Bomberman '93 while Cha05Punk19 ripped Strip Fighter II.

There are too many customs to shout-out so I'm gonna do shout-outs to 5 random people: Freakyplanet, TheEric132, Zhuguli232, Potatoboot the Luggage, and Akimaca
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