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Neo Metal Sonic & Metal Madness/Overlord (Super Mario Maker-Style)
Category Custom / Edited
Neo Metal Sonic & Metal Overlord
Submitter saidFayad5
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Neo Metal Sonic & Metal Madness/Overlord (Super Mario Maker-Style)
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May 12, 2021, 2:56 PM *
I'm not sure on how to feel about this sheet. "Super Mario Maker-style" does not mean "flat colors with the outlines being darker shades of those colors", and even then, you're removing detail from Neo Metal Sonic / Metal Madness himself. What about these outlines to show the separate pieces that make up the parts themselves? You can use dark outlines to mimic those.

Posted Image Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

The shaping itself is also REALLY rough and strange. Metal Madness's front head sprite has curves with the head spines, but you made them mostly diagonal (45 degrees) and straight. Plus, why is the upper half in this conjoined sprite in 2D but then the lower body has some perspective to it?

Posted Image

Overall, this sheet isn't that good. I get that you were going for "an SMM style" with the Mystery Mushroom costume, but some sprites had detailed shading and everything.

Last thing to note: If you did want to go for that style, why are there there no frames for climbing the flagpole, swimming, etc.? This shouldn't be labeled under SMM if it doesn't even follow the Mystery Mushroom.

Posted Image
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