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Dec 21, 2020, 8:16 PM
Rosalina would have appeared in 2 Souls' Tale in the Mushroom World during the Second Quest. She would appear to Peach in a dream where she asks for the Mario Bros. to go to the Observatory to stop an old enemy from attempting to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. The two Bros. head out to stop this enemy. You follow them at a distance and you would end up fighting Tatanga in the Space Zone. The Mario Bros. would have thought Tatanga was the threat and return to the Mushroom World, but Rosalina would have informed you that the threat was Smithy and would test your own skills (because she doesn't know you) by sending one of her Lumas into a familiar doll to fight you. Afterward, Geno would join you as an assist and you would travel across the stars to eventually end up at Smithy's Factory where you would fight the whole Smithy Gang (they were rebuilding Exor). Animations include: idle, turn, talk, bless, wave wand, walk, and put away wand.
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