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Posted by Garamonde - September 25, 2021 - 9:30 AM
Howdy-do, and how are you, Sprities! Your friendly neighborhood revenant is back from quite the hiatus to hand-deliver y'all another plate of nearly-400 goods! Before I get into where I've been and all that, I'm just gonna dive into the interesting stuff!

Closing September off is a healthy dose of customs, including mostly Mega Man, some Sonic, Mario, and a few other bits and pieces of interesting stuff. Other stuff of note is quite a bit of Leapfrog Didj things, Doraemon mobile, Cuphead, Delta Rune Chapter 2 (which I still have to play, aaaaa), XBlaze Code: Embryo, Mario Party, and no update would be complete without some Gundam rips.

So, for anyone wondering, the reason I've been gone so long is, honestly, because I've been having a really, really rough time. My mental health kind of flunked and without going into too much detail, I ended up having to stay in the hospital for nearly a week. But the doctors changed my medicine around and now I am feeling much better, despite the occasional ups and downs and still having personal life stressors, I'm handling them quite a bit better.

Note for everyone: if you're suffering with mental health, do not keep it bottled up! Tell someone you trust, and please get some help for it. It does not show weakness; on the contrary, it shows strength that you were able to reveal what's bothering you. It will get better. I promise. You're doing great.

With all that being said, it's almost spookymonth, so we'll surely have more tricks and treats for you next time! 👀 Keep on spritin'!
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