Human Killing Machine
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Human Killing Machine
Human Killing Machine
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Sep 17, 2022, 4:22 PM
@SmashingStar64 Capcom did accept the DOS Mega Man games, Tiertex's Strider 2 (two versions in fact, one with a transforming mech on the home computers and the more traditional Genesis/Master System game). Plus the Spanish Desperado game was sold as Gun.Smoke with the approval of Capcom meaning that an unofficial clone became a licensed port even if the characters are all different. So standards were pretty lax back then. After all, various companies did their unofficial sequels (Ocean with Target Renegade and Renegade 3, Elite with Bomb Jack 2, Mastertronic with Bosconian 87 and US Gold were the kings of these).

The only reason why it was rejected was because Capcom themselves were working on Street Fighter 89 that later became Final Fight (and some copyright issue with the name at the time, got resolved by Street Fighter 2). It is actually the same reason why the original version of Out Run Europa got cancelled because US Gold and Probe were working on a sequel but Sega then brought out Turbo Out Run. US Gold then cancelled that game to work on the port but only Probe did the C64 version while the others were by ICE who did most of the original Out Run home computer versions (don't worry, it was a bit better this time), they did return to the idea but became well... Out Run Europa.

I think Capcom did the same with Elite's Beyond the Ice Palace (hence the name) and that was originally a ThunderCats game as well (hence Mum-Ra as the final boss). That might have been down to Elite losing the rights to US Gold though. The Vindicator and Duet were also planned to be sequels too to Green Beret and Commando, the latter a far worse crime than even HKM (at least HKM looks decent).
Jan 15, 2022, 11:34 AM
Where are the Stages?
Sep 17, 2020, 7:42 PM
Fun Fact: this game was pitched to Capcom to be Street Fighter II by Tiertex, I feel bad for the universe where Capcom accepted
Aug 7, 2016, 12:21 PM
About time someone uploads this!
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