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Lady Golfer
Category Arcade
Submitters Doc von Schmeltwick, MollyChan
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Lady Golfer
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Feb 15, 2024, 8:11 AM
@Molly Yeah, I realized that was probably the case when I went into the tile viewer using FCEUX and saw they were separate like the eye whites. (Note: I still use NEStopia's palette)
Feb 14, 2024, 11:31 PM
Oh hey, nice improvement!

The, uhh, underwear, was missing from my original rip because I just didn't notice it was there. Might seem odd, but I had assembled the main golfer sprites from the raw graphics data, so I pretty much just used in-game footage only as a reference for where to position the golf clubs
Feb 6, 2024, 5:24 PM
Sending in revision. Turns out the underwear thing is actually on a different layer, just like the eyes... probably so they're white for player 2 as well. Real classy, devs.
Feb 5, 2024, 9:28 PM
It also seems to be missing some club positions and has some other errors... I'm in the midst of a NES golf-ripping project based loosely on how this sheet is handled, so I may go at this one myself as well. I already ripped a few things from this one anyway.
Jan 31, 2024, 2:25 PM
She has bloomers visible in-game at the end of the swing. Did you censor them?
Jul 9, 2023, 8:19 AM
I like the layout here. The other NES golf games should probably be redone in a similar manner, it covers all bases by showing the sprites separated, but still making it clear how they intersect in gameplay.
Nov 5, 2022, 7:28 PM
I didn't know that Marge took up golfing
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