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Enemies and Bosses
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Jul 16, 2015, 6:23 AM
Okay, only knew the SNES version, which doesn't have the name display. Also, thanks to the vid you linked, apparently it's "Mech. Taco". Which makes a bit more sense if you consider the Japanese word for octopus, but still a funny way to translate it. My bad.

Yeah, I was talking about the top guy from there being the NES one. "Dynamite Ninja"? For a robotic figure who throws barrels. Okay. Not going to question it.

Also, third one down for the Gameboy one looks a lot more like this one... yet jumps about and throws dynamite like a ninja... I'm going in circles aren't I?

So many interesting oddities in these superhero games.
Jun 27, 2015, 8:29 AM
The bosses have their name displayed during the fights. That's literally all we can be sure that it's supposed to Juggernaut. Keep in mind this game has you fighting 2 Controllers (who is 1 person in the comics) at the same time. That eye could be the cyttorak gem or if the SNES manual is right, some sort of mind control thing.

And if you're talking about the top guy from the NES version, that's not supposed to be Juggernaut, it's an original character called Dynamite Ninja.
Jun 27, 2015, 4:34 AM
Are we sure this is Juggernaut? Asking as a comicbook fan, not a spriter. My reasoning is that this arcade game is famous for oddities in translations(the "Taco Tank" octopus robot), and quite frankly that doesn't look like Juggernaut. Colors and costume are almost right, but the red jewel instead of a face and the gymnastics(rolls and flips) seem a little odd.

This figure shows up in the Gameboy(where the gymnastics are even more obvious, with the attack method being basically rolling leaps across the screen while dropping dynamite) and SNES version, and maybe also the NES version(the costume is even stranger, with strongly implied robotic parts such as a head that pops up and continuing the fight while missing half the upper body).

I haven't found what else this could be besides Juggernaut, but can somebody who knows more about the comics these games were based off of give alternatives or explain the oddities?
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