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Tom & Jerry
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Category Amstrad CPC
Sheets 2
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Tom & Jerry
Tom & Jerry
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Aug 5, 2022, 5:27 PM *
Looks can be deceptive as this is one of the worst platformers that are out there yet so few know about it. The physics are broken, the collision detection is broken making that you can get stuck, makes it easy to get caught by Tom and even has the invisible ceiling problem that Count Duckula 2 has. Even a longplay video has problems going up a platform.

Says something when it makes some of the go-to worst platformers (e.g. Awesome Possum) not that bad and only second to Count Duckula 2 or the likes of bootlegs.

The C64 version by comparison is a bit better with its collision detection and the physics but still has same issues to a lesser extent and makes Jerry a kangaroo. Not one of the worst for that version but still better platformers out there. (Plus I can get much further rather than stuck at Stage 1)
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