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LED Storm
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Category Amstrad CPC
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LED Storm
LED Storm
Playable Character
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Amstrad CPC Racing Developer coming soon!
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Aug 13, 2022, 7:31 PM
This version feels more like a tech demo than a finished game. No Tim Follin music despite being credited and appears in every other version that's not the original arcade Rally 2011 version that this is based off. Unoptimized repeating colors in the palette (was this planned to be a Mode 1 game then changed to Mode 0 throughout development?). Can repeatedly get killed in a loop if you managed to spawn in the background. You end up getting a Game Over unaware on why because the most important element (the HUD, said HUD contains an energy bar) doesn't display unless you press Escape that pauses the game. If you accidentally press it twice, you quit the game!

So unfinished...
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