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Xyzolog (Bootleg)
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Xyzolog (Bootleg)
Xyzolog (Bootleg)
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Aug 19, 2018, 3:24 PM
@smedis2 Yes, it is a MSX port and the lines regarding this is just so blurry considering that so many systems had similar video modes that they could be ported to (e.g. Colecovision, SG-1000, Master System, Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, even Tatung Einstein 256 for an official rare example) and that some were SG-1000 only, many Master System (well Samsung GamBoy) and some both. Just depends whether it was handled in Taiwan or South Korea. In this case though, this game was only ported in South Korea where MSX and Master System are often dual ported to the point of confusion especially regarding originals. It was sold there on the Samsung GamBoy as XY Rogo.

That link wasn't really relevant (and a bit outdated actually since the Korean MSX Ports were dumped in 2012 onwards) and just points out the palette differences between the SG-1000 and the Master System. Even then the games still got sold regardless of that issue like Adventure Kid on the 4 PAK All Action cartridge, retailed as a MS game but technically an SG-1000/MSX one or even F-16 Fighting Falcon for a better known example.

By the way, I actually do agree with you which is why they aren't on the Master System Ripping Project however the ripper ripped it from this version rather than the official MSX1 version and they are pretty much almost identical. Only exceptions are the Korean originals that are dual ported.

Oh and many of these SG-1000 MSX ports actually required RAM adapters to run the games since the SG-1000 couldn't run it without them.
Aug 19, 2018, 2:31 PM
Call me pedantic, but isn't this just an unlicensed port of an MSX game?

Many MSX games were ported directly over to the SG-1000 (which had similar hardware), which in turn were put into Mark III (JP Master System) cart shells since the console could run the games. While this exact instance of the game may be considered "bootleg", the game itself isn't, and more importantly, isn't a Master System game.
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