Posted by Dazz - April 18, 2014 - 8:59 PM
Hey guys! Sorry about that downtime we had last week... All of last week... That sucked, right? Well, no matter, because we're back now! Be sure to remind your friends that we're back, because they might not realise that we were even planning to get back online!

I want to thank every one of you that donated, too. It's always a massive help to have financial backing from you guys at time of need. Obviously, it didn't totally cover the down time, but I never would have expected you guys to donate a week's worth of revenue. What we did receive was really awesome though, and some of you were incredibly generous. Thank you so much!

A lot of you got in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter, and that was really cool. They're great ways of keeping informed on what's going on, so if you use either of them, I suggest you check us out.

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This update has a real mix match of content. Obviously being down for a week meant that we had a really odd delay in submissions, I couldn't rip anything, and it all just went a little funky. But hey, there's some great stuff in here still!

Not only that but... Hey, those game icons? They might be changing soon. Stay tuned. PEACE.
Sheets in this update: 113
Arcade Sheets: 5
Toad Portraits Bonus Items Ground Tiles Text Main Sprites
Custom / Edited Sheets: 1
Tiki Tak Tribe
DS Sheets: 3
Dera-Deka Grandmother Special Ops Soldier
Game Boy Sheets: 3
Eagle Invader (Close view) Rumbler (Close view)
Game Boy Advance Sheets: 1
GameCube Sheets: 5
Arena Icons Loading Screens Mode Icons Other Unused Content Unused Loading Screens
Mobile Phone Sheets: 27
Black Devil Cerberus Demon Castle Lord Devil Eye Fire Centaur Flying Sword Golem Ice Armor Warrior Ice Spirit Lilith Merman Pirahna Salamander White Ghost Wizard Goblin Brutto Courtesan Huo Kungfu Trainer Mercenary Monk Rogue Sakura School Gal Thug Tiger Yakuza
NES Sheets: 4
Jason Text Characters, Enemies, & Items Text
Other Systems Sheets: 4
Early Rips (Incomplete) Puyo Intro Eggs
PC / Computer Sheets: 37
Penny Fox Penny Fox (Cheerleader Penny) Penny Fox (Desperado Penny) Vinnie & Spike (Cynical Vinnie & Total Spike) Bane Clayface Deadshot Doctor Gun Convict Hugo Strange Items Killer Croc Knife Convict Mercenary Misc. Objects Mr. Freeze Scarecrow Thug Two-Face Weapons Hell Nymph Scenery and Items Batroc Captain America (Captain Steve Rogers) Falcon (Exo-7) Winter Soldier Chest (Origins) Heart Loading and saving icon Lums Murfy Skull Coin The Gallery Chapters Toad Wii U Buttons Worker
PlayStation 2 Sheets: 1
SNES Sheets: 22
Archer Barbarian Dismounted Knight (Paladin) Fighter Hunter Mage (Male) Mercenary Paladin Pegasus Knight Pegasus Knight (Male) Pirate Sister Social Knight Thief Thief (Julian) Results (Vehicles) Overlays Tiles Bosses Normal Enemy Characters Tiles Menu Arrow

Posted by Dazz - March 29, 2014 - 3:14 PM
Come on guys, it's Saturday! Take the bull by the horns and show it who's boss. It doesn't matter if that's in a small way or a big way - throw a party, or just have a little boogie in your room. It's all good!

This update might not be big, but it's got attitude - loads of awesome content right here! Man, is it just me, or are things starting to get pretty buzzing around here? I'm ready to say that you guys are all my latest attraction! I love you all!

Here I am romancing when there's an update to check out. Why are you reading this? CHECK THE PIXELS, YO!
Sheets in this update: 52
DS Sheets: 18
Dubhe Guardian JP's Member (Female) JP's Member (Male) Merak Mizar Office Lady Polaris Policeman Punk Salaryman SDF Member Student Tico Worker Yakuza Young Boy Young Man
Game Boy Sheets: 4
Everything Reversion B Menus Font Puyo
GameCube Sheets: 7
Character Icons Character Select Company Logos Cutscene Images Cutscene Text Font Title Screen
NES Sheets: 7
Maps & Sprites Text Tileset The Spies Large Text Castle Dracula Background Set Dr. Cinnamon's Laboratory
Other Systems Sheets: 2
Everything Early Rips (Incomplete)
PC / Computer Sheets: 11
Daedra Lords NPC Portraits Special NPC Portraits Cyborg Marine Volstagg (modern) Garden Kids Mafia Medieval Tiles Effects
SNES Sheets: 2
Bosses Bosses (World of Ruin)
TurboGrafx-16 Sheets: 1
Stage 1 Miniboss

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